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Light academia fashion has been gaining popularity in recent years. This aesthetic draws inspiration from classical styles, incorporating elements of vintage fashion and academic attire. However, for Muslim women who wear hijab, it can sometimes be a challenge to find suitable outfits that align with the light academia aesthetic while maintaining modesty.

In this blog post, we will explore how you can create a stylish light academia outfit while incorporating hijab into your look.

Choosing the Right Pieces

When it comes to light academia fashion, the key is to opt for timeless and classic pieces. Start by selecting a long-sleeved blouse or shirt in a neutral color such as white, cream, or beige. Look for blouses with delicate details like lace or ruffles to add a touch of femininity to your outfit.

Pair your blouse with a high-waisted skirt in a muted tone like gray, navy, or camel. A-line or pleated skirts work particularly well in achieving the light academia aesthetic. Make sure the skirt is long enough to provide ample coverage.

For the hijab, choose a lightweight and breathable fabric in a color that complements your outfit. You can opt for a solid color hijab or experiment with patterns or textures. Tying the hijab in a loose and draped style can add an elegant touch to your look.

Accessorizing Your Outfit

Accessories play a crucial role in completing your light academia outfit. Opt for minimalistic and vintage-inspired jewelry such as pearl earrings, dainty necklaces, or a vintage watch. These accessories will add a sophisticated and scholarly touch to your overall look.

Carry a structured satchel or a vintage-inspired handbag in a neutral shade to hold your essentials. Avoid oversized bags that may overpower your outfit.

Complete your outfit with a pair of Oxford shoes or loafers in a coordinating color. These classic footwear options embody the essence of light academia fashion while ensuring comfort throughout the day.

Makeup and Hair

For a light academia-inspired makeup look, keep things natural and understated. Opt for a light foundation or tinted moisturizer, a neutral eyeshadow palette, and a subtle lip color. Enhance your features with a touch of blush and mascara.

When it comes to hair, you can either let your hair down in loose waves or opt for a sophisticated updo. Consider adding a hair accessory like a headband or a hairpin with a vintage-inspired design to elevate your hairstyle.

Confidence is Key

Remember, the most important aspect of any outfit is confidence. Embrace your personal style and wear your light academia outfit with pride. Confidence will make any outfit look even more stylish and put-together.

Creating a light academia outfit with hijab is all about combining modesty with classic and timeless fashion choices. By following these tips and adding your personal touch, you can rock a stylish light academia look while staying true to your hijab.


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