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Working as a pilot is a dream come true for many aviation enthusiasts. It offers the opportunity to travel the world, experience new cultures, and of course, earn a handsome salary. If you’re considering a career as a pilot, you may be curious about the salaries at Qatar Airways, one of the leading airlines in the world.

The Basics

Qatar Airways is known for its excellent reputation and high standards. As a result, their pilots are well-compensated for their skills and expertise. The salaries at Qatar Airways are competitive and attractive, making it a sought-after airline for aspiring pilots.

Salary Structure

The salary structure for pilots at Qatar Airways is based on several factors, including experience, rank, and type of aircraft flown. Generally, pilots start as First Officers and progress to the rank of Captain with experience and seniority.

As a First Officer, the salary at Qatar Airways can range from $7,000 to $9,000 per month, depending on experience. Captains, on the other hand, can earn between $10,000 and $15,000 per month, again depending on experience and seniority.

Additional Benefits

Aside from the attractive salary, pilots at Qatar Airways enjoy a range of additional benefits. These include free accommodation, transport, and healthcare. The airline also provides generous leave allowances, allowing pilots to take time off and spend it with their loved ones.

Training and Career Development

Qatar Airways is committed to the professional development of its pilots. The airline offers comprehensive training programs and continuous learning opportunities to enhance the skills and knowledge of its pilots. This commitment to training ensures that pilots are equipped with the necessary skills to excel in their careers.


Working as a pilot at Qatar Airways not only offers an exciting and fulfilling career but also provides a competitive salary and attractive benefits. If you have a passion for aviation and dream of flying with one of the best airlines in the world, Qatar Airways may be the perfect choice for you.

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